Complete insight

With the click of a button, our partners can inspect workers, crews, roles, and competencies, drilling down and reporting to the details required from the RSW system.

Holistic decision making

With this insight comes the power to make informed and agile business decisions. Scaling the workforce up or down, skilling new projects, setting site standards, or checking on qualifications has never been easier. When our partners can see it all, they can do more on their rail sites.

Time-saving business success

With everything our partners need to manage your workforce fast to find and easy to view, they’re empowered to focus on what matters – their operations. Do you have the most qualified workers doing the correct jobs? Find the answers you need to plan for business success.

Powerful integration

At Pegasus, we know that the biggest projects are the often the ones that combine a diverse workforce of qualified professionals. That’s why our Rail Safety Worker industry solution can integrate with our civil construction and manufacturing solutions, setting the standards your workers must meet to ensure project success. Visit our website for more information about our industry solutions: